Did you know that more than 3934 scientific studies have definitively
demonstrated the virtues of turmeric to drive disease out of your body,
and that several million people in Europe already use turmeric daily
to get rid of their most serious health problems?

  • It preserves the health of your cells
  • It supports your immune defences
  • It keeps your joints healthy
  • It prevents heart problems
  • It protects your skin
  • It improves your nervous system and mental balance
  • It relieves all inflammation in your body
  • It improves digestion
Thanks to its amazing formula, this brand new bi-layer tablet is 1600 times more powerful than commercial turmeric. It has the power to do wonders for your health by providing you with the equivalent of more than two pounds of turmeric in the form of only two daily capsules.

Turmeric has had an incredible
success for a while now. Is all of this justified?

Everyone talks about it: on TV, on the radio, in the newspapers. This is why everyone agrees that this fabulous Indian spice is one of the most promising natural remedies for cancer, Alzheimer, osteoarthritis, type II diabetes, and many other diseases. Turmeric is said to be such a powerful active ingredient that some scientists already call it the "natural remedy of the century". Its health benefits seem so extraordinary that more and more people are taking turmeric as a dietary supplement, because they believe that it can be beneficial to their health. New turmeric products are blooming everywhere.


All the newspapers are talking about this miracle tablet made of
turmeric that is 1600 times more powerful than classic turmeric.

Despite 3934 studies, there are still skeptics. It must be said that
everything written about turmeric seems too good to be true.
According to experts and thousands of clinical studies, turmeric
has all the virtues to cure you of almost everything.
It is actually the most powerful natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
agent known to date.
To remove the disease from your body, you must first fight its
inflammation. Indeed, most diseases reflect the fact that this or that part
of your body is affected by inflammation. Apart from these
inflammations, they cause metabolic disorders and therefore diseases. Osteoarthritis, for example, is, if I may say so, only an inflammation of
the cartilage, whereas digestive disorders mean inflammation of the
intestines, and it is also a kind of inflammation that your skin experiences
when your body oxidizes as it ages, causing wrinkles to appear.


Let's see why classical turmeric posed limits into extracting its essence
and how a laboratory discovered a process to make it 1600 times
more active and effective :

After many months of work, our laboratory came to the following conclusions:

Turmeric is not very bioavailable. In other words, since it is only slightly soluble, it
tends to be rejected by our metabolism without giving it time to improve our health.

There are, however, some simple ways to increase its bioavailability. Turmeric needs to be combined with other active ingredients such as pepper, lemon, or ginger.

To take these limits into account, after a few years of research, our laboratory has finally
found the solution to really make turmeric bioavailable so that it is much better
assimilated by the body and especially so that it remains there longer to act in-depth.
This is why our laboratory has developed a brand new process based
on turmeric: Curcuma extra +®

By using a turmeric that is highly bioavailable and rich in turmeric (commercial turmeric
may contain only 2% turmeric).

By making a hyper concentration of turmeric for a minimum volume.

By adding 3 turmeric fixatives: piperine from pepper, citric acid from lemon
and gingerols from ginger.

By ensuring that the combination of turmeric and ginger would only be mixed with the
combination of lemon and pepper once it arrived in the intestine.


For the body to assimilate the turmeric, these active ingredients
(the active ingredients of lemon, ginger, and pepper) had to come
into contact with the curcumin at the intestine level only.

To ensure that our two combinations are mixed only in the intestine, the researchers
at this laboratory chose a bi-layer tablet. Then, they selected extracts of pepper,
lemon, and ginger, which ensured the delayed release of the active ingredients.
By coming into contact in the intestine, the active ingredients of lemon, pepper, and ginger
will somehow trap the turmeric, which will be able to remain in the body for up to 12 hours
and thus restore all the body's levels and, as a priority, stop inflammation where it occurs.


More than 600 benefits have already been demonstrated.
And it's not over yet!

  • osteoarthritis
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • Crohn's disease
  • hemorrhagic rectocolitis
  • Cardiovascular risks
  • Alzheimer's
  • diabetes
  • hypertension
  • obesity
  • depression
  • liver problems
  • ulcers
  • psoriasis
  • immune weakness...


The manufacture of this tablet is much more complex than producing simplistic capsules that you can
find everywhere and which in reality provide very little turmeric without ensuring its bioavailability.
The available volumes of our brand new bi-layer tablets are limited due to our rather "complex" manufacturing
process, so don't miss a moment when you receive your Curcuma extra +® cure under exceptional conditions.


Now, for those who still have doubts,
here is what you can find in the scientific publications:

In 2014, a study of 40 people suffering of knee osteoarthritis clearly showed that
supplementation with 1500 mg turmeric per day for 6 weeks reduces knee pain
compared to placebo. People who consumed turmeric also experienced
a significant improvement in their physical ability, particularly to perform daily tasks
such as going down and up stairs, driving a car, shopping, or cleaning...

In 2010, another study was conducted on 50 people with osteoarthritis. The results show that by
taking 2 capsules of turmeric in the morning and evening, the inflammatory markers (CRP) and pain were
significantly reduced. The ability to walk painlessly increased by 245% in just 3 months.

Eloquent scientific publications!

"Oral curcumin is well tolerated and, despite its
limited absorption, has biological activity
in some patients with pancreatic cancer."

"Turmeric can help reduce the symptoms of
irritable bowel syndrome. Controlled trials
by placebo are now required to
confirm these results."

"The process of inflammation has been shown to
play a major role in most diseases including neurodegenerative cardiovascular, pulmonary, metabolic, autoimmune, and neoplastic diseases."

"Curcumin has been shown to be beneficial in the prevention and treatment of a number of inflammatory diseases due to its anti-inflammatory activity."

"Curcumin can reduce acute pain
in patients suffering from a variety of chronic


"Curcumin supplementation appears
to be safe in humans."

And you... what do you think?



˝ By detoxifying my intestine I have overcome my
arthrosis and I no longer get up at night.

With the Curcumine Extra + cure, my arthrosis has almost disappeared, as well as the pain that accompanied it. I no longer get up at night and, above all, I no longer have the bloating and gas that followed meals and which bothered me in my daily life. Believe me, if there's any sign of it, I'll take another course of treatment. I believe that many people should think about cleaning their intestines to get rid of their daily health problems.˝



˝ My joint pain is just a bad memory.
To tell you the truth, I had already tried to take turmeric in different forms. Indeed I had been suffering from osteoarthritis in my knees and back for 3 years. What I had read about turmeric had convinced me of its effectiveness. I therefore recommend Curcumine Extra + to all those who have suffered from osteoarthritis that ruins their lives. I can tell you that I was not disappointed. After a week of treatment, my pain had really subsided and I felt much less stiff.˝



˝ I lost 26 pounds without a diet with
a stomach that no longer hurts me.

The problems of stomachache and digestion had become a real hell. It was a friend of mine who took a strange 2-color tablet every day that made me discover Curcumine Extra +. When I asked her what it was about, she replied that it was special turmeric combined with other active ingredients to make it more effective. With my 2 tablets of Curcumine Extra +, my stomach no longer hurts, and I feel like I have cleaned and detoxified my entire intestinal tract. Finally, I lost 26 pounds in less than 2 months without dieting.˝



˝ Thanks to Curcumine Extra +, I was far from imagining that I would succeed in lowering my sugar level...
I asked myself why not try it out, and I ordered a two-month cure. I had my blood tests again after one month and two months. My blood sugar level after one month has returned to below the maximum and after two months completely to normal. Curcumine Extra + has been a triple success for me and I recommend it to all those with a predisposition to diabetes. ˝



90 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Try Curcumine Extra+® for free and without any commitment. You have 90 days to determine the efficiency of the product by yourself and to decide if you're totally satisfied. During this trial, your condition must be just a bad memory. If you don't see a significant result, simply send back the unused portion or even just the empty containers, and you will be fully reimbursed immediately, and directly to your bank account. So, you risk absolutely nothing in trying it out, except to soon see a significant improvement in your comfort thanks to Curcumine Extra+®.




Actiscience treatments are not sold to diagnose, prevent or treat pathologies. If you have an illness, please consult your doctor first. Recommendation: pregnant and breastfeeding women, children under age of 12 and people under medical care shouldn't use nutritional supplements, except for those with a prescription from their regular doctor. For any health problem, we advise you to contact a healthcare professional, for instance in these cases: whenever you wish to modify the treatment you are currently administering, or you wish to suspend the treatment you are currently administering, or you wish to try another treatment.